Reach out to your target audience!

Sharing a business case that delivered results thanks to your product or service, to an engaged and interested decision-making audience; who are there specifically to find out how to improve their processes, is a winning formula.

Potential clients genuinely get excited about products and services when they listen about success stories they can relate to.
They learn and become motivated to change – thanks to your products and services. The result: more business for you.

7 targeted audience tracks

Track 1

Service and Manufacturing Operations Technology

Track 2

Customer Relationship Management Technology

Track 3

Transportation and Warehousing Technology

Track 4

Procurement and Expense Management Technology

Track 5

IoT and Mobile

Track 6

Retail and Ecommerce

Track 7



Supply Chain Media Interviews

Gold and Platinum speakers will have the opportunity to be interviewed by our media partners.

Decision-makers are more likely to engage with an article that includes an interview than with payed ads on the same media.

Also, media editorial content will be available for more time to larger audiences.

Supply Chain World
Supply Chain Digital
Business Review
Supply Chain Brain
Inbound Logistics
DC Velocity
Supply Chain Minded
ERP Focus
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