June 27-29, 2016

9:00AM -5:00PM



The  CSCTP (Certified Supply Chain Technology Professional),  the Professional Certificate in Technology for Supply Chain guarantees the highest technical and business standards for proper decision-making with regard to technological tools available to the supply chain.


CSCTP certification is the standard technology for supply chain and is recommended for professionals with the following profiles and responsibilities:

  • Executives and managers of supply chain
  • Executives and managers of information technology and electronic commerce
  • Decision makers regarding the acquisition of technological tools
  • Technology Consultants
  • Project Leaders


Topics evaluated in CSCTP

• Business Process Management (BPM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA)

• Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing (Cloud Computing)

• Mobile Computing

• e-business and its impact on supply chain

• Resource Planning Software Company (ERP)

• Technological tools for sales and operations planning – S & OP

• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

• Automatic Identification Technologies

• Technological tools for customer management and service

• e-procurement

• Technology for collaboration in the supply chain

• Project Management Technology


CSCTP Exam Prep Workshop & Exam cover these topics:

Part I – Supply Chain Technology Fundamentals

1. Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

2. Information Technology Fundamentals

3. Information Management and Business Intelligence

4. Business Process Management (BPM)

5. SOA, Software as a Service and Cloud Computing

6. e-business and it’s impact in supply chain

7. Mobile Computing

Part II – Internal Supply Chain Management Technology

8. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

9. Sales and Operations Planning Technology Tools (S&OP)

10. Manufacturing Technology Tools

11. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

12. Transport and Distribution Technology Tools

13. Auto ID Technologies

14. Automation and Materials Handling Tools

Part III – Customer Relationship Management Technology

15. Customer Acquisition and Retention Fundamentals

16. Customer and Service Management Tools

17. Data Mining Techniques for CRM

Part IV – Supplier Relationship Management Technology

18. Supplier Relationship Management Fundamentals

19. e-procurement

Part V – Supply Chain Collaboration Technology

20. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

21. Traceability Technology Tools

22. VMI and CPFR Tools

Part VI – Technology Implementation Strategy

23. Building the Supply Chain Technology Business Case

24. Project Management Fundamentals

25. Software Development Methods

26. Team Building and Vendor Selection