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Morpheus.Network Team to speak at SCTECH 2022!

It fills us with immense pride to announce that Morpheus Network Co-Founder & CEO Dan Weinberger and our Global Head of Business Development Karl McDermott will both be speaking at the upcoming SCTECH 2022 Supply Chain Technology Conference & Expo. In their presentations, they will cover innovations in logistics and how digital supply chains can provide significant benefits for modern businesses.


As the largest and most prestigious annual global event dedicated to supply chain innovation, SCTECH is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in how technology can provide new ways of thinking about traditional problems. Attendees come from around the world to learn first-hand about cutting-edge innovations that are changing how we do business daily.

This year’s theme focuses on What Matters Most? Exploring new questions and topics related to sourcing, transportation, distribution logistics, visibility, inventory control systems, procurement practices — and all those other topics you never had enough time or funding to investigate before.

Karl McDermott and Raymond Gareau: “Digital Transformation and Strategy”

Our Head of Business Development, Karl McDermott, and Federated Co-Operative (FCL)’s Supply Chain Systems Manager, Raymond Gareau, will present on FCL’s system for supplying safe foods to Canada to meet its regulatory requirements standards.

Federated Co-Operative Limited (FCL) is a co-operative with 170 independent retail co-operative associations and revenue of $9.1 billion USD (2021). FCL has been working closely with us since 2020 and jointly won the 2021 PTAK award, and we are excited to join them again at SCTECH2022.

Please join Raymond and Karl as they discuss FCL’s approach to Safe Food for Canadians regulation, FCL’s Farm-To-Fork strategy and how Morpheus.Network’s middleware platform is leveraged within their company.

Dan Weinberger: “Sustainability, Transportation And Supply”​

CO2 emissions are causing irreversible damage to our environment. Our CEO Dan Weinberger will give an insightful presentation on the implications of CO2 emissions.

“Our planet is choking. According to the US EPA, organizations’ supply chains often account for more than 90 percent of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, when taking into account their overall climate impacts.” — Co-Founder and CEO of Morpheus.Network, Dan Weinberger.

Dan will discuss new and innovative technologies such as blockchain and IoT, and how we can utlize these technologies to better track and report on emissions. He will discuss how emerging technologies will not only help track emissions, they will help optimize supply chains to reduce the carbon footprint and even carbon offset solutions to achieve Carbon Net Zero and full sustainability.

Register For SCTECH Here:

SCTECH 2022 will be live-streamed online starting Wednesday, October 3rd, through Friday, October 7th, with 72+ speakers and panelists located throughout 18+ locations around the world.

The Vision Of SCTECH

When it comes to supply chain management, every business has different needs, and every company can’t expect to see the same success when implementing supply chain technology.

To give these decision-makers all the information they need to make smart decisions, SC Tech Supply Chain Technology Conference was born — a meeting place for those working in this arena — offering customized advice.

The SC Tech event provides information that aids an improved understanding of how different supply chain technologies work best for other companies while providing a forum where decision-makers involved in these fields can come together and exchange ideas.

SCTECH 2022 will take place from October 3rd through 7th, 2022. With 72+ speakers and 18+ panels worldwide, parties may come together and improve their knowledge about this increasingly important industry sector.

Register for SCTECH today by clicking here

About Morpheus.Network

At Morpheus.Network, we are intensely focused on optimizing supply chain operations. Our team and global network of partners has extensive experience in implementing cutting-edge solutions leveraging our breakthrough supply chain platform. We help clients maximize revenue through digitization and process automation, protecting sensitive data, and untangling complex issues with the legacy supply chain system while delivering effective, equitable, and efficient global trade solutions.

by Morpheus.Network


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